Illinois Storyteller Profile


Name:Lubin, Judy
Company Name:

Bio:Listeners sit mesmerized as vivid imaginative pictures of life's journeys fill their minds eye. Judy's nourishing stories build a love of literature and guide children's emotional, ethical, and cognitive growth.The folktales contain our collective wisdom on what it means to be human. Judy tells these stories to both children and adults for the express purpose of helping listeners to understand their own humanity and to develop a strong inner life. She believes that a child who knows herself on the inside becomes an adult who changes the world on the outside.

Judy crafts each story to paint a metaphorical picture of the human condition, the problems we face and the journeys we take to bring ourselves to our own "happily ever after". Through their imaginations, listeners will learn to look inside themselves, to empathize with others and to take responsibility over their own lives. And they'll beg for more!
Age Groups:Elementary, Grades K-5
Family Audiences
Middle, Grades 6-8
Story Types:Folk Tales/Fairy Tales/Fables/Tall Tales