Illinois Storyteller Profile


Name:Aavang, Steve
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Bio:With several degrees and a variety of upper level positions including Professor of Speech, President private firms, realtor; Steve says the best lessons and motivation come from life experiences... Phd in Hard-knocks.

His ancient roots from England and Norway brings stories from both, still the stories from the rich earth and sturdy oaks of the Midwest where his family settled over 165 years ago are dearest... If These Old Timbers Could Talk.

Steve's background as a historian resulted in a book about a Romania Princess whose life provided many lessons about freedom, sacrifice, and heroism that is a spellbinding story... In Love With Freedom.

Movie star, Ground Hog Day? Yes, learn about movie making... So You Want to be an Extra.

Surviving the wilderness alone for months could only be accomplished with a little help from friends... Listen to the Wolves.
*Flying the third dimension gives a unique perspective... Birdmen.
Age Groups:Adult Audiences
Elementary, Grades K-5
Family Audiences
High School/Young Adult
Middle, Grades 6-8
Story Types:Character Education
Workshops using Storytelling:For Business/Corporate Groups
For Educators
For Librarians
For Students