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Mama Edie

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Finally found your voice but afraid to use it?

Fun and frolicky or somber and serene, international bilingual storyteller and percussionist Mama Edie guides audiences through words and song on journeys to find peace, power and joy within. “Seamlessly blending stories in Spanish and English…,” she welcomes audiences to broaden their imaginations to create the world they would rather see; to embrace its multicultural richness; and love it. Occasionally supported by the Drum Divas, folktales, personal or historical social justice stories invite audiences to see with new sight and not be afraid. Speech/language pathologist Mama Edie uses storytelling and music to "Crack the Code!" © teaching children (or adults!) to navigate between cultural dialects and Standard English without sacrificing dignity or cultural pride. Performances, workshops, keynotes and residencies are created for schools, festivals, museums, art exhibits, educators, social workers, psychologists, speech pathologists, parents, social service organizations, and the corporate sector.

Mama Edie Armstrong

P.O. Box 178153

Chicago, Illinois

phone: (773) 879-6773




What people are saying about Mama Edie’s performances and workshops

Drum Divas at South Shore Cultural Center, photo by Mark Joseph



Story Videos of Mama Edie's work


Performance & Workshop Themes
(some presentations are a little of both!)


Televised/Filmed Highlights:

  • In 2006 Mama Edie was selected from among all storytellers accepted onto the Illinois Arts Council’s ArtsTour Roster to be featured on “Arts Across Illinois,” an annually televised broadcast hosted on PBS Channel 11-WTTW.  For instructions on how to apply for the Illinois Arts Council subsidy toward performance fees, visit
  • “The Storywatchers Club” – This award-winning set of 5 delightful storytelling videos features Mama Edie, along with several other storytellers, with titles such as World Folk Tales, Keys to the Imagination, Our Planet, Good Character, and Christmas.
  • “30 Good Minutes,” PBS Channel 11-WTTW.  Program that features speakers with messages of encouragement and spiritual insight.
  • “New Morning,” Program of the nation’s largest coalition of Christian, Muslim and Jewish faith groups dedicated to achieving interfaith understanding through the production and distribution of media.  Hallmark Channel.


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  • “Boca Linda, the Shrinking Girl,” (Included in the first anthology published by the National Association of Black Storytellers, Inc.)  2006.
  • “The Road to Reaching a Multilingual Audience,” included in Tell the World: Storytelling Across Language Barriers.  Edited by Margaret Read MacDonald.  2008.
  • “Teaching History, Language, Literacy & Cultural Pride through Storytelling, Music & Movement,” article with lesson plan included in Literacy in the Storytelling Classroom.  Edited by Norfolk, Stenson & Williams.  2009.
  • “Garrett Morgan: the Traffic Light Genius,” article with lesson plan included in Literacy in the Storytelling Classroom.  Norfolk, Stenson & Williams.  2009.



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  • Afro-Latin Institute
  • National Council of Teachers of English
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Mama Edie, the Storyteller

Celebrating the Beauty in Us All


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