Mike Speller



For more than 25 years, Mike Speller has performed on stage and on-screen all over the United States. His performances are always known for:


Enormous energy

Audience participation

Fabulous facial expression

Things that make you go 'Hmmm'



Mike Speller
1711 Highland Ave., Crest Hill IL 60403
email: nicknameproductions@comcast.net



Places To Go


PLACES TO GO for All Ages


Around the World

Foreign tales that pack familiar themes. A passport to different languages, fun facts, and enlightenment on every continent! (Grades K-6)


Into the Shadows

Ghost stories, real & unreal, that will chill your spine. Of course, Mike has 'light' frights as well as secrets about superstitions, too! (All ages)


Destination: Anywhere

Mike maps out a customized program where you write your own ticket: story-writing workshops or themed programs (Earth Day, Inventors, etc.) are just for starters!


PLACES TO GO for Mature Adults


Fear Itself

Classic horror tales which will likely produce classic horror effects: goosebumps, adrenalin rush, and the need to change your underwear.


From A to Z: The Speller in Me

Mike shares the personal adventures, both heart-breaking and humorous, that built his character. Athletics, B-movies, and Cars are just the start!



Past Performance Places


Sterling Storytelling Festival

Minnesota Fringe Festival

Fox Valley Folk Music & Storytelling Festival

Northlands Storytelling Conference

Morton Arboretum


"Mike Speller is the best storyteller in the world!"
Teacher, Frankfort, IL


"Mike Speller is a storyteller of extraordinary expression. His stories and delivery invade your funny bone while tickling your brain, too..."
Greg Leifel, Producer of The StoryBistro


"I hope he wasn't telling fibs when he was younger."
Mike's mother, Anoka, MN


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Places to Sample Mike's Work


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